Sunday, July 24, 2011

Find Short Funny Birthday Poems

Looking for Short Funny Poems to make you laugh?

Sometimes nothing is more humorous and entertaining than funny short poems. Then check these new poems funny birthday poems to enjoy these stupid and have a laugh with friends.


Tinkle ,Tinkle Little Car ~ by Cecilia L. Goodbody

Tinkle, Tinkle little car
How I wonder what you are.

Leaking oil every day
Having it your own way.

Going up hills real slow
I don't want you any mo'.

Tinkle, Tinkle little car
Boy, what a lemon you are.

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Descending Trousers ~ by Diana Laura

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Oh, dear,
Oh, my gosh,
I hope that no one saw,
I wish that I could laugh,
But maybe someone saw,
Maybe I should hide,
But, ah, whatever,
I'll just pull my trousers up.


My Winter Love ~ by Kasey Lemley

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The cold ground draped all in white,
On this cold December night,
Cutting down our Christmas tree,
I want you to be with me.

I feel warm when you are in my sight,
Your eyes shine like stars so bright,
When I’m with you everything feels so magic and right!
You’re the only person I want to see,
You are my winter love.
You are my brave knight,
Saving me when I’m in fright,

For my love you pay no fee,
I know you belong with me.
Your face glowing from the moon’s light,
You are my winter love.


From A Distance ~ by Johnny Ellis

short funny poems 8

From a distance,
I secretly watch you.
I see you when you cry
I see you when you’re feeling low
I see you when you’re high
From a distance.

From a distance,
I’ve seen you in your sadness
I’ve seen you in your glee
I’ve seen you lose your reason
And cling to your sanity
From a distance

From a distance
I’ve watched you give your live away
To those who only take
I’ve watched your dreams all disappear
For your children’s sake
From a distance

From a distance
I’ve watched you give up your hope
For your dreams too soon
The dreams you never mention
Until you whisper to the moon
From a distance

From a distance
I watch and hope you become
What you were meant to be
I watch and hope you are there
Secretly watching me
From a distance


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